MyLittleMagiqueBox – December 2015

December box has finally arrived ! I was waiting for it impatiently for 2 weeks and finally I get to share with you the little treasures inside… As always, the design by  Kanako is absolutely stunning with a festive theme that reminds of New Year’s eve coming up. It looks clean and chic with the white background, everything I enjoy. My Little Magique (Magic) Box was nicely waiting for me on my desk and once I opened it, it was like having an early Christmas gift a week before Christmas.

Now I’m just going to let you guys discover all the things inside. As usual there is a (muy pretty) MyLittleBeauty item with the MyLittleWorld magazine. I haven’t had the time to go through it yet but I’m sure there is a bunch of interesting tips and gift ideas.


The gloves are my favorites since I just recently bought a pair of black gloves, this blue and goldish ones are going straight in my closet ready to get out for cooler times.

I’m really satisfied with this box so far and I can’t wait to receive more…


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