3 Outfits Ideas For Christmas

Hello hello December ! What a beautiful month coming up full of joy and celebration. I’m hoping for a lot snow since it’s already so cold. However the most magical moment in Paris for me is the windows display of Galerie Lafayette and Printemps in Haussmann Boulevard (75008), every year is better and better that’s why I like to shop there for gifts.
I decided to share 3 outfits ideas to celebrate Christmas with family and friends because I thought since all the preparations are such a struggle, why not help a little ?
The first outfit is for a dressed up night pairing heels, fur and gold pieces. I like it because there is a contrast of color and texture between the baby pink furry coat, a darker top and skirt accessorized with a gold ensemble.
More fur and black, the second outfit is more relaxed but still chic with a geometric gold bracelet and a pink watch. If you’re scared to get cold well furry up your feet with my recently beloved UGG that goes with everything to make you feel like walking on clouds.
If you are more casual and want to feel comfortable, this last sneaker outfit is perfect for you. It combines red and white to remind of Santa because you actually can’t avoid it. I believe a Christmas without red is not a real Christmas but how cute is the sailor top from Comme des garçons ? I mean roll a cachemire scarf around your neck and put on a beanie to stay cozy.
Christmas exit red

Fur For Christmas

Red Like Christmas

I don’t know how this year’s Christmas is going to be but only 24 days left to discover that. I’m preparing myself to eat a lot. Every year it’s mostly foie gras and seafood and don’t worry my post Christmas diet never works neither 😉

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