Still A Birthday Girl ♕

Hello beautiful people 🙂 How are you ? I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long but I’ve been quite busy recently with school so you know the deal. But back to my last post about my birthday, I actually got the pleasure to receive other gifts that I want to show because why not ?

I spent the day with my girlfriends, for lunch we went to an american style diner “HD Diner” in Opéra and I ordered this BBQ Burger I believe with bacon, onion, cheese, fried calamari, a generous steak and on the side french fries with thyme as well as nachos. It was really tasty and so tasty that I couldn’t finish it all because I was so full we didn’t even try their dessert. It’ll be for the next time.

We went to see “Black Mass” staring Johnny Depp and it’s based on a real story. Basically it talks about a criminal getting everyone around him in trouble… But you need to see it to understand how great it is. With other friends we finished the night at a “Gatsby party” at Café de la Presse in Bastille and had a lot of fun dancing, singing (and maybe drinking) in a 20’s vibe. Since I don’t celebrate my birthday every year with my friends I enjoyed that day and I’m so thankful to have such amazing, funny, supportive friends. Never had so much fun.

I’m thinking strongly about future posts I want to write for you guys and my mind is just a box full of ideas right now. I’m probably going to start drafts and then see how it goes and how well I can put all my ideas together. As for now, I’m really into beauty and I’m excited to share my November 2015 favorites since it was my birthday and I got to try a tonne of beauty products. But don’t worry I’ll come back with other fashion and lifestyle related post for Christmas and New Year which I’m extremely excited for !



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