Birthday Girl ♕


It’s my birthday today ! Finally it’s the 24th November (as I’m posting this). It’s just a short post to show you what I got 🙂


Can’t believe that I’m already 18… Time flew by. I mean I just feel like I need to enjoy every single day much more starting from now on. I think about so many things at the same time like in 2 years I’m 20, next year I’m going to University… OMG please let me be 5 years old again. It’s just weird how you want to be all grown up and 18 when you’re younger because you think you’re going to have more freedom but then when time really comes and you see on the cake “18”, you’re like “damn already ?”. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m starting to realize so many things or maybe it’s just be who’s exaggerating everything  (funny me). By the way thank you so much to my amazing best friend Dany for this Michael Kors bag (si tu passes par là) unbelievable.

This cake tho and the Givenchy perfume is going to be in my November favorites for sure ! I’ll talk about it more. I spent an amazing day and excited for this weekend.  To be continued… (follow me on Instagram)

Love you xx (and happy birthday to all of the November children)


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