VS Fasion Show 2015 (Part 1)

Once Upon An Angel…

It’s that time of the year that everyone has been talking about for month and month…. YES Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 ! As a fan of VS for years now, I have watched every single VS Fashion Show since the beginning (or almost) and I have seen how their collection evaluated with time. Each style is beyond amazing with gorgeous models  wearing gorgeous looks.

Adriana-Lima-au-Victoria-s-Secret-Fashion-Show-organise-a-New-York-le-10-novembre-2015_portrait_w674 Alessandra-Ambrosio-au-Victoria-s-Secret-Fashion-Show-organise-a-New-York-le-10-novembre-2015_portrait_w674 Behati-Prinsloo-au-Victoria-s-Secret-Fashion-Show-organise-a-New-York-le-10-novembre-2015_portrait_w674Elsa-Hosk-au-Victoria-s-Secret-Fashion-Show-organise-a-New-York-le-10-novembre-2015_portrait_w674

Gigi-Hadid-au-defile-Victoria-s-Secret-organise-le-10-novembre-2015-a-New-York_portrait_w674 (1)Izabel-Goulart-au-Victoria-s-Secret-Fashion-Show-organise-a-New-York-le-10-novembre-2015_portrait_w674





What I personally love about the show is how they invented a all new way to do fashion shows with different theme and, getting better and better. The “angels” seem to have so much fun and it’s pleasant to see girls smiling doing the show on a runway, which is rare. Besides, they have the honor to welcome extremely talented singers on the stage with the models like Rihanna, Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake… My favorite VS Show was in 2011.

Un-ange-sur-scene (1)
Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+3VTSXccD6Ihl Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+84HyguqJwtsl

Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+TVtQjmCtQJsl Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+uIkVenSbl6kl Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+UWD-WgUQhEBlVictoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+2015+xe2Vq_YfOs5lLes-anges-sur-scene (1)


This year was not any different. Lots of lights, wings and fabulousness and Lily Aldridge wore the Fantasy Bra, the only thing I didn’t understand was why did she wear the fantasy bra with another red bra underneath and a red panty when it was presented with a blue one ?

However what I was the most excited for is when Gigi Hadid officially announced her participation for Victoria’s Secret (PINK) this year. Next stop angels on social media…


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