Can we talk about the madness that happened on thursday ? I mean it was insane ! Come on… Don’t get me wrong I love shopping and cloth etc. but I just feel like it was just a little too much on thursday. Around the world, girls were running everywhere and grabbing everything they possibly could without even looking at it. HOW? And the best is that I don’t even think it was to buy something but more to be that crazy shopping addict for a day. COME ON.

However, this special collection got everyone excited and me, the first. I watched the entire Balmain runway and during the all thing I was wondering how in the world people are going to buy this ? And then looking over the collection online before the release in France. I selected some of my favorite pieces and we can say I was not inspired by colors.

HM balmain

HM balmain1HM balmain2HM balmain3

Compared to other years and other collaborations, I haven’t found anything that is worth the price even if Olivier Rousteing is an incredibly inspiring fashion creator, ful of talent. What do you think about this collaboration ? Do like anything ?


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