Welcome To Paradise !

My trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was so much fun and unbelievable. It was the first for me and my parents to the Caribbean and we first got that tropical vibe at the airport when the humidity hit us at the airport when we left the most uncomfortable 11 hour-flight. We stayed in this beautiful resort with its beach and the most welcoming staff.


I mean COME ON ! The landscapes were breath-taking. I don’t have any words to describe this beautiful place. It was truly an amazing experience.


We have only been to half of this stunning island. We did a lot of excursions to the beach and other island but also in the forest and to the center of the island.


It was insanely humid and hot but when I was looking around, I just enjoyed every second there. Transparent blue water, white sand, palm trees and catamaran what else do you need ? What I love so much about traveling is all experience that comes with it. I got to meet truly inspiring and amazing people for a week and I discovered new cultures.


We watched a rooster battle then drove to the mountain. Then a dominican taught us how to make cigar. But I think one of the most memorable moment for me was when we rode horses to the beach, because it was my first time. I was a little scared at first but it went really well. My horse was the prettiest (of course 😉 )


With the horses we went straight to another stunning beach where we drunk fresh coconut water. I definitely recommend to visit this paradise and I hope to return there one day.

Have you ever been to Punta Cana or another island in the Caribbean ?


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