My Instagram Week


“Hello, it’s me” not Adele yet but love her new song. How are you guys ? Have you spent a great week ? Well I did even with school. Monday was though like every Monday but after 2 weeks of vacations and lazyness I had to start school. Definitely one of the worst moment.

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I created an Instagram account because I am just Instagram addict (sorry not sorry) but more than that, it’s an easier way for me to share what I like and my lifestyle instantly rather than writing something on my blog which can take me a lot of time, that I don’t always have.

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I tend to share fashion related pictures like my ootd but as good eater, food pictures are among one of my priority.

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One thing I realized this week is that I have never been so passionated about something before than I am now with my blog. I love posting and sharing my opinion and stuff with all of you. It makes so happy to see that people like it as well and I hope it’s the start of something I can call “endlessly amazing”.

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My Instagram is also a way to share my secret love for photography. In fact, I enjoy taking pictures with my phone (which doesn’t have a bad quality) because it is interesting how you can edit that picture to make it look different and reveal every details of it.

FullSizeRender (7)IMG_1683

I don’t know where this blog is going to bring me in one year and more, I am so excited and ready for it.

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