Dream Bags


Hi guys ! I’m back with one of my favorite post so far. As a debutant fashion blogger, I couldn’t not talk about purse… I mean who could ? Not me who is definitely more than obssesed with bags but don’t worry I have limits (or not) 🙂 I have been thinking about buying a new handbag for school even if I can still rock my actual one with every outfits and it’s so important for me to buy a purse that goes with almost everything in my closet and that can make a boring ootd pop. Even if I think luxury items can sometimes look weird, I admit that luxury purses are absolutely stunning and out of this world. I have been a big fan of handbags since my mom allowed me to have one but recently I have been obsessed with shoulder bags that are so handy because you are hand-free. Now, a shoulder bag is more for night time when you barely have stuff to bring with you except a fabulous lipstick, your wallet and your keys. But a full day out working or shopping, a handbag is great for (almost) unlimited storage. My absolute favorites from all, are Givenchy, Dolce Gabanna, Chloé, YSL and Chanel. Just looking at them and seeing their beauty get me so excited haha, don’t know what to do HELP!!!


What do you think about my selection ?


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