My Skin Care Routine


Hey guys ! I wanted to share my skin care routine for such a long time…

Now about my acne, I am planning on posting a little something about (will see). I had severe acne with red pimples on my forehead and my cheeks. It was painful physically and mentally for me because I felt so bad that I had to cover those pimples with heavy concealer (not foundation). It is only in June that I went to see a dermatologist who told me that my acne was “cystic acne” which can only be treated with a lotion (benzoyle peroxyde) + pills (if it works if it doesn’t it was an another kind of treatment, more severe). That is what I have done during summer and fortunately it worked really well for me. I think it is the first time in my life that I follow a treatment perfectly. Also quickly want to mention this video from a youtuber I follow, and in opinion she does a good explanation of acne and treatments etc. (but I don’t know about LED light)

My skin

I have a combination to oily skin. I have been struggling with acne for 2 years, now I only have acne scars left (mainly on my cheeks). I still follow a (strong) post-acne treatment from my dermatologist to prevent acne to come back.

My routine step-by-step
CSC_9675 CSC_9678
Morning / Night

Step 1 : Cleanse my face with Avène Cleanance  – This is one of the best cleanser I have ever used for my type of skin because I feel like I have struggled with finding a good cleanser for so long that I am now sticking to this one since It was also recommended by my dermatologist

Step 2 : With a cotton pad, I rub Mixa Lotion Très Active all over my face –  For a long time, I used to skip toning which helps to balance the pH of our skin but of course I didn’t know much about that part. Fortunately, this amazing toner came into my life and changed the way I was looking at my skin

Step 3 : Moisturize with Effaclar Duo (Morning) – I have thought about buying this cream for such a long time until my dermatologist finally convinced me. I was skeptical at first because I have already tried an another cream from the same brand and it dried out my skin but this one left me with a natural matte finish / Nivea Soft (Night) – Because I use a specific acne treatment that dries out my skin 3 times a week every night, hydrating my skin every other night is essential even with my oily skin

CSC_9679 CSC_9680

Step 4 : Under my eyes, I use Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur (Morning)  – This is not really taking care of my skin but instead of using a concealer to hide by under eye circles, I opt for this lighter version that works perfectly for me since it’s pink / Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream (Night) – Before this summer, eye cream was optionnal in my skin care because a good eye cream is usually expensive or at least 30$ for a tiny quantity, but shopping at Target this summer, I decided to go for this Korean brand and it is pretty good


Step 1 : Exfoliate with Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion – There is not much to say about this 80$ exfolliant but click on the link to know more about what I think

Step 2 : I use Cattier Green Clay Mask or another mask for my type of skin – After exfolliating I always use a mask, preferably a clay one because it works better with oily skin

Step 3 : I moisturize with my beloved Nivea Soft

Claim : I am not a professional. All the opinions are only mine. Everyone has different type of skin, different reactions or skin issue. You may need to consult a dermatologist before using anything on you face.


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