Fall Trends You Can’t Avoid

Trench Coat

hmprod zara

According to Michael Kors itself, trench coat is the most underrated fashion trend. It is the center piece of the perfect #ootd. You can wear the most simple top and a pair of blue jeans, throw on a trench coat and you are ready to go out looking fabulous. My personal preferences are for this black short wide-cut coat from H&M and this more classical one from ZARA .

Plaid Scarf

4219208800_1_1_1 scarfCapture

The perfect accessory for fall if you want to feel cozy and warm. It’s like having a plaid with you at all time. A black scarf like this one from ZARA  is a must to pair with every outfit. Then for fall colors, I choose this white and red one from Nordstrom as well as a classical color combination from Modcloth that reminds fall perfectly.

Corduroy skirt

  zara zara1

I wished that fall was really fall and not actually winter like it is in Paris because I would wear those corduroy short skirt more often with buttons in the front. This leather skirt from H&M adds a sexy touch to a boring outfit cause let’s be honest, this kind of skirt can look pretty boring and old-school. But you got to bring the old-school look back with ZARA.

Turtle neck

brandy topshop

When I was 12 it was so old and out of date to wear a turtle neck, but it became a fashion must have, and even more during this time of the year. Remember when your mom was forcing you to wear this horrible itchy turtle neck sweater ? Me too, well those memorable moments are gone ! Now when you are shopping, it’s everywhere because it’s simply perfect. The first one is from Brandy Melville and the other from Topshop.

Ankle boots

nastygal 1627058_264674

Sneakers are bae but  ankle booties are perfect for a night out or a feminin day outfit. You can walk confident with higher heels like with Nasty Gal or shorter from Lulu’s. Ankle boots are perfect to pair with skinny jeans. It makes your legs longer and slimmer, what else do you need ?



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