My top street style blogger


1. Le 21ème – Adam Katz Sinding

Warning : his blog is “NOT a Street Style blog” 😉

Having these large size pictures make the outfits even prettier. I was looking for a street style blog a while ago and I first discovered his work on Instagram. I immediately clicked on follow and went check out his blog. He is such a talented person and I absolutely enjoy every single one of his post. Definitely a photographer to follow.

2. The Outsider – Diego Zuko

His tumblr is to die for ! The design of his blog is a pleasure for the eyes just like the street styles. If you are a fashion addict (like me) you will find your treasure, for sure. The outfits can be from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones.

3. J’ai Perdu Ma Veste – Nabile Quenum

Just like “le 21ème” I discovered him through Instagram (my favorite social media if you couldn’t tell yet). The message behind his blog has inspire me to move forward into the world of fashion. Nabile is a french photographer based in Paris. The goal of his blog is to “identify the Personalities and Changes in Fashion Nowadays.”. What else do you need ? He has a long list of clients from Vogue to GQ. 

4. Street Pepper – Phil Oh

Captivating effects, captivating pictures, captivating looks. He has traveled the world and share with us all of his most beautiful finds. I recently followed him because I was interested in the way his blog was designed and the fact that he classifies every street style by city (Paris, Milan, London, New-York…). It’s easier if you are looking for a specific look from your favorite city for example. Anyway, he is really interesting.



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