Best street styles #PFW

Continuing with #PFW, after my favorite looks from the catwalk here are some of the best (in my opinion) street style during this week of fashion sense.

Images source :
Images source : Diego Zuko

If you’re lacking of idea on what to wear, street style is for me one of the best inspiration. Of course some are crazy and impossible to wear in public on a daily basis if it’s not fashion week (or carnaval jk).

Image source :
Image source : Kirstin Sinclair
Image source :
Image source : IMAXTREE / Vincent Grillo

But let’s face it not everyone can become a streetstyle blogger and it’s personally among one of my goal (seriously). ‘ Street style’ is about inspiration, creation and art. As for me, it’s about self-confidence cause yes being well dressed make me  feel more confident.

Image source :
Image source : IMAXTREE / Kirstin Sinclair
Image sourc :
Image source : Tim Regas @wheresmydriver



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