Good vibes only


Fall’s here ! Feeling like summer has left too soon… Good times in L.A but promise I will not talk about summer until next year 😉

Excited about 2016 because many projects are coming to their ends really soon (hopefully)

For now, just waiting for Paris Fashion Week one THE most amazing time of the year cause I recently put myself into the process of discovering myself, and more precisely my style. I just like pure and simple fashion. Pairing pieces of my wardrobe together makes me feel good. I’m not just about throwing on whatever clothes I have and go out as the sun hits my face. I’m typically that girl who needs more time to choose an outfit than I need to sleep. Even if it’s for couple hours, I need to feel comfortable to run the world even under the rain. One more reason I enjoy fall weather more than summer’s. It’s going to be the perfect occasion for sweaters, coats, boots and scarves !

But these days in Paris are like the worst days. You know (if you live in a country with real changes of seasons) it’s that time of the years just after the end summer and the start of fall, when you feel so cold but if you wear too much you’re gonna sweat like crazy cause it became too hot. I’m so confused about my outfits these days, I have real problems here ~·~



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