July 2015 Favorites | L.A Journey

July is coming to its end which means only one month left before school starts. It’s always when you are having the best moments of your life that time goes on so quikly 😦

Concerning my favorites, there are mostly summer/vacations essentials which obviously includes suncreen, my go-to summer skin care. According to me not only it prevents you from skin diseases but it also gives you a better and healthier tan.

Now there are 4 different forms of suncreen (spray, oil, cream, balm). For my body I prefer an oil just because the creams usually let you with white patches and the texture is always so thick. As for my face, I use a cream that’s specific for my type of skin (combinaison/oily). A balm/stick is perfect to add more layers through out the day which is essential.

After a long exposure to the sun like during the Rose Bowl Flea Market and a good shower, I’ll never forget my Aloe Vera lotion to hydrate and prevent my skin from hurting if I have a sunburn. Lots of people tend to use a generous amount of suncreen but forget to hydrate their skin after sun exposure. The most effective lotion is an Aloe Vera one, even on a daily basis. 


Sensitive Expert+ SPF 50+ Sunscreen – Garnier Ambre Solaire

After the sun soothing hydrating Aloe Vera lotion – Garnier Ambre Solaire

Regenerating Argan organic body oil – Lovea 

Green tea and sage oil deodorant – le Petit Marseillais

Hand Sanitizer – Monoprix


Fragrance mist (Total Attraction) – Victoria’s Secret


Green fresh chewing-gum – Hollywood


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