Bon appétit ! | L.A Journey


It’s a long and beautiful story between me and food. I’m not the healthiest person out there but I try to eat as good as possible on a daily basis but during summer it becomes even harder to achieve a healthy lifestyle since I’m not working out/going to the gym as much.

When I went grocery shopping I found these really cute chocolate cupcakes decorated with the national colors (blue, white, red), it’s so american ! But it looks better than it tastes in my opinion, I didn’t like it whatsoever.  It tastes like fake chocolate or something like that, really disappointed. However on the fourth day that I was here, my aunt and I went to this weirdly-good restaurant in Pasadena. I say ‘weirdly-good’ because it was all in black, the wall and even the exterior which was so creepy and it was even more that there was no one before us on lunch time but the food was definitely amazing ! Nothing was too spicy or not enough, the flavors were there and omg the chicken, I have no words !

Talking about good stuff, I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about the Naked juices but never tried any so it was new. The one that I haven’t stopped drinking for weeks now is the green machine. The color is not the most attractive one but I assure you that what’s inside is REAL stuff ! It tastes just fabulous and it’s a bunch of proteins and natural ingredients that are gonna boost your body and get you ready for the day if you drink it for breakfast like I do.

Now I don’t usually go to Korean restaurants even  in Paris because it’s usually expensive, but I just had to. The one I went to was not the best but not the worst for sure. I had a combo with my all time favorite Korean dish, a bim-bim-bap (it served still cooking with rice at the bottom hide by veggies and meat and an raw egg on top) and besides that, a dumpling and tofu soup, not really good. But what I absolutely love about Korean restaurants is the fact that they serve you a bunch  of little small entrees to begin with.

Obviously I didn’t just eat the same thing for a month but the rest of the time, either I ate at home or either it was take away food like El Pollo Loco, Panda Express or In-N-Out.



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