Rose Bowl Flea Market | L.A Journey

Silver Ring – 2$
Silver Rings – 8$ / 2$
Sunglasses D&G – 70$ (deal)
1$ each
Adidas Superstar – 25$

UGG boots – 80$ (deal)

If you want to find beautiful things at a low price, then you definitely need to go through rose bowl flea market. There is one every sunday and the one that takes place in rose bowl (Pasadena) is every second sunday of the month. I went there 2 days ago at 7 am knowing that the price is double (15$) between 6 – 8 am I believe. It’s so early and expensive I know ! But you’ll realise how hot and uncomfortable it is after 9 o’clock.

I got few things that I’m actually really proud of because I was able to save a lot of money. My most amazing finds were the shoes and the sunglasses. I saved about 300$ in total ! What I loved about this flea market is the amazing vibes, how people are so friendly and you can find customized pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. The only ‘bad aspect’ was the weather, but you know it’s Los Angeles. Overall I recommend to everyone who is coming to LA to check out one of the flea market. I know there is one in Long beach this sunday and another one in Santa Monica Mission High School. Have a great summer !



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