OOTW #1 | L.A Journey

 Day 1 | Jumpsuit : H&M

Day 2 | Jumpsuit : Pull&Bear | (Dog : CJ)

 Day 3 | Overall : Jennyfer | Top : Pull&Bear

 Day 4 | Top : Zara | Jeans : Pull&Bear | (Dog : Lucy)

Day 5 | Top : Zara | Jogging : Unknown

First week out of 8 in LA and here is what I wore. That’s the reason why I love summer so much and especially when I’m in California. It has been a beautiful week full of sun and fun. I decided to be really feminin but casual at the same time and go for a summer/spring look.

During summer I prefer to work with lighter colors like blue, white or red. Jumpsuit is essential for me if I want to look like I’m wearing a dress but not to worry about how short it is. About shoes, I paired all the outfits with my sandals Les Tropéziennes.  Hope you’re spending a great summer so far and I’m so excited to post new stuff.

One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter. ― Henry David Thoreau



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