How I treat my nails 

Giiiiirls you know the STRUGGLE is real when it comes to nails ! There are no miracles and you’re not born with perfectly healthy nails so you have to take care of them. Now, we all know it takes a lot of time to have beautiful nails but honestly I’m just so proud and satisfied of myself when it’s done, when my nails are looking fabulous I feel more confident (is it weird ? it’s just nails) or at least I’m not ashamed to expose my hand (ok I’m a weirdo). I adopted this routine that I’m about to show you for almost 2 years now and it’s not miraculous but it works for me.

First thing first, if I have nailpolish on, I remove it with Maybelline Express Remover (acetone free). I’m pretty sure you all know what’s the deal. It’s so easy and fast. I absolutely adore this thing BUT whenever I have a strong nailpolish  (red or black nailpolish for example), it stains the sponge inside with the nailpolish color and the next time I use it, my nail+finger are colored. So instead, for a more colorful nailpolish  I prefer the old classic method with Gemey Maybelline Express Manicure Remover (acetone free + avocado extract) for brittle nails +  it also has hydrating properties (what else do you ask for?). After, I file my nails in a square shape because the base of my nails is really long, polish them and push the cuticles (I have so bad cuticles).

Then I wash my hands and exfoliate them with my dead sea mineral scrub. This step is important (but optional) because like your face, exfoliating your hands allows to regenerate your skin and get rid of dead skins and of course your hands are as soft as baby’s. You can find the same kind of scrub on Amazon or in any drugstore but you can also make it at home with a little bit of olive oil, argan oil or almond oil and sugar or any type of salt.

Mosturizing is the key for good looking hands and nails. I’m crazy about this hand cream from Le Petit Olivier because it has olive oil and it smells amazing. Also love Gardener’s hand healer by Le Couvent des Minimes.

FINALLY I can start the nail process. For that, it’s simple. I use this cuticle oil on my cuticles (so not logic) but you can use olive oil instead or you can find the same kind with O.P.I, Maybelline, Essie… I massage it and wait for a minute. Then I apply Maybelline Express Manucure Conditioning Treatment for short nails (mine is the french version of Maybelline Conditoning Treatment) as a base. Sometimes I’m done with that but today I decided to use Bourjois So Laque Glossy (01 oh so rose) because it’s a beautiful light pink that looks really really natural and it makes my nails look so healthy and the color is even out. As a top coat I use Bourjois Instant Dry.


PS : I’m not sponsored by Maybelline or Bourjois I just own a lot of their products.

Your nails are like jewels – Don’t use them like tools. – Essie

xx Cindy


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