Top : Zara | Jeans : Bershka | Shoes : Les Tropéziennes | Bag : Chevignon

That’s my ‘I’m waiting for summer’ outfit. Having a simple white tee in your wardrobe is a MUST but recently I’ve been loving striped black & white tee-shirt. I just feel like it became one of my new essential. Plus, it goes with pretty much everything, it’s simple but you still look put together. I decided to pair this top with a plain black jeans and some leopard sandals. I got these sandals about 2 years ago when it was THE shoes to wear for summer (in France) but I still love them. I think it just add a little touch of fun to this really simple outfit. Now I know it’s summer and summer outfits should be colorful blablabla… But I guess I’m just a black & white kind of person.

Staying in the color theme (what color?), I decided to add this cream hessian bag that I found the other day in a flea market/clothes clear out kind of thing in Paris. I can throw all my stuff in. Love it ! On the bag, it says ‘Canard Sauvage’ which means ‘Wild Duck’ and the duck looks so funny. However, this is one of my favorite outfit for a fresh summer day. It litterally took me 2 minutes to pair everything together and I finally added a tiny tiny touch of color with my red bracelet.

Btw if you haven’t already tell, all my pictures are taken with my iPhone 5 because It’s just a lot easier and the quality is not bad at all so why not.

I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity—all I hope for in my clothes. — Yves Saint Laurent

xx Cindy


One thought on “OOTD #1

  1. […] a dress but not to worry about how short it is. About shoes, I paired all the outfits with my sandals Les Tropéziennes.  Hope you’re spending a great summer so far and I’m so excited to post new […]

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